These are the most frequently asked questions, email me if you do not find your answer here.

Can I see the Beauford before I book?
We recommend that you see our car to make sure that it meets your requirements. Just call, text or email to arrange a suitable time.

How many booking do you do on one day?
One and only ever one. The Beauford will be dedicated to you and your wedding only.

What does my £50.00 per car booking fee cover?
This fee books your chosen date for your wedding. We will not book another wedding on that date.
It also covers time taken to process your booking, follow up calls/emails to verify details.

What does the chauffeur wear on the day?
Your chauffeur will wear a charcoal suit with matching cap, a white shirt with tie and black shoes and gloves.

How many can the Beauford carry?
The Beauford can carry a maximum of three passengers if needed, two is the norm.

Can we take our 3yr old flower girl in the Beauford?
We do not carry children under 12yrs of age in the Beauford and only then if accompanied by an adult. With regards to the question of young children travelling in our cars, before you make your booking it is always best to check with us first about seating and seatbelts. Seat Belt Law

When do you need the balance paid by?
Your balance payment is required 4 weeks before your wedding date.

Can we pay in instalments?
Yes, you can always send us a cheque or BaCS payment at regular intervals if it helps your budgeting. We will keep you advised of the outstanding balance after you have made a payment and always issue a receipt.

Can I book the car as a surprise for the bride?
Certainly, we love surprises too. Just mention this at the time you make your enquiry and ensure we have contact details that will help keep the ‘surprise’ a secret.

Can I have coloured ribbons of my choice?
If we have got or can obtain them; failing that if you can provide them, we will decorate the car with any colour of your choice. We have lots of colours but if you need to tell us a colour then use this chart and we do our best to get as near as possible. P.s. we do not charge extra for this service.

Can you pick us up later after our reception?
Unfortunately this constitutes as a Taxi trip, we regret our cars do not have the appropriate Taxi/local authority licence to do this.

Will you work with other wedding vendors?
I work well with all wedding professionals. For example, I often get asked if I will work alongside another car company. This is not a problem, happy to do what I can to help your day run smoothly.
Also asked by photographers if I would move the car into a certain position, so they can get the best shot or go to a certain park or other location for more photos. Always happy to oblige.

Will you do more than one trip to the ceremony venue?
Provided the distances are short we can do this. Please bear in mind the waiting time at each end while the car returns for the second trip, also we drive at a sedate pace and have to allow ample time for our passengers to get in and out of the car. P.s. if the trips are possible and agreed by us well in advance we do not charge extra.

Can you supply a car for a Prom or other event?
Due to private hire regulations administered by the local authorities, we regret we can not supply cars for events other than weddings.

Do you have liability insurance?
Yes. we have public liability insurance that allows us to work confidently everywhere. We have never needed it, but we are protected, this helps you feel more secure and for your peace of mind.